شرکت Zardosht Herbs

شرکت Zardosht Herbs

از زبان شرکت Zardosht Herbs :

Zardosht Herbs : Medicinal plants contain plant materials such as leaf, root, flower and seed using for producing drugs. Essential oils and extracts of various species of edible and medicinal plants, herbs, and spices constitute of very potent natural biologically active agents. Iran with 1/64 million km2 areas has 75008000- plant species. Several medicinal species are cultivated in Iran.
Medicinal plants have greatly attracted Iranians’ attention from ancient times. Great Iranian physicians believed that there is no pain without an herbal therapy. A part of Avesta (the holy Book of Zoroaster – ancient Iranian religion) related to medical therapy art. According to the book, Serita was the first Iranian expert in medicine and Ahora Mazda (God) developed ten thousand herbals for him.

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